Oral Bible Stories for the Manide

God’s Word will penetrate the Manide people’s hearts
when they understand it.

  • November 13, 2017
Filipino man riding animal, plowing field

There are approximately 4,000 Manide people living in a rural, mountainous area of the Philippines. The majority of the people practice a traditional religion and believe that spirits are at work in their lives. Less than 1 percent of the Manide community is Christian.

Many of the people don’t know how to read their language, so oral communication is preferred among the Manide. To best reach this community, a team is being trained to translate 35 Bible stories into Manide. Local believers will participate in the process too, as they help craft the stories, test and revise them, and provide feedback on the translation. Once finalized, these oral Bible stories will then be shared through digital audio recordings with a written transcript.

recording digital audio Bible stories

“Manide Christians need God’s Word for their transformation and to share the gospel with others,” said a project advisor. And as these Bible stories are created and shared with the community, the advisors hope that people will connect deeply with God — many for the first time — as they learn about his great love for them.

  • Pray that the Manide team will quickly learn the skills needed to create these oral Bible stories.

  • As they work, ask God to give them wisdom and clarity of thought on how to best translate his Word into Manide.

  • Pray that the Manide community will be open and receptive to hearing these Bible stories, and that lives would be changed as people encounter God’s Word in their own language.

Manide translation workshop

Make a Prayer Connection: Pray for full funding of the Manide project. Through a series of workshops, the team will produce the oral Bible stories as digital audio recordings with a written transcript.