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Praying for Africa and the Brong People

A look at this region and how to pray for its people.

  • April 9, 2018
Boy with family in the Brong Ahafo Region of central Ghana

Africa is the world’s second-largest continent in both size and population. The continent is composed of 54 different countries. Across this geographically and culturally diverse continent, more than 2,100 languages are spoken — approximately 30 percent of the world’s total languages. Just over 1,050 of these languages have some form of Scripture, whether portions, the New Testament or even a complete Bible.

Africa has the second-greatest need — after Asia — for Bible translation in the world. Local mission organizations and churches are increasingly taking ownership of the work that must be done to reach Africa with God’s Word in the languages that speak to people’s hearts.

A small provisions store in Banda Ahenkro, in Brong Ahafo Region of central Ghana.” title=
A small provisions store in Banda Ahenkro, in Brong Ahafo Region of central Ghana

More than 800 languages are known to have translation needs, and 700 of these are spoken in the heart of Africa. The Abron language is one of many languages still waiting for Scripture. Abron is spoken primarily in Ghana, where more than 1.3 million Brong live, but it’s also spoken by approximately 223,000 people living in Côte d'Ivoire. In each of these countries, roughly 50 percent of the population follow either Islam or ethnic religions. There is a Christian presence, but the Brong people need to have God’s Word accessible in their own language so that they can understand who God is and the message of salvation that the gospel conveys.

  • Pray for the work of Bible translation across Africa. There are still hundreds of communities waiting to experience God’s love in the language that speaks directly to their hearts.
  • As local organizations and churches take ownership of the work of Bible translation in their respective communities, ask God to provide more people to participate in this life-changing work.
  • Pray for the approximately 800 language communities — including Abron — that are still waiting to receive the gospel for themselves.

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Photos by Rodney Ballard

Jason and Linda Hoskins

Make a Prayer Connection: Pray for Wycliffe missionaries Jason and Linda Hoskins. They're serving the Deaf in Ghana through the Wycliffe Global Alliance's Partner, GILLBT, as a sign language Bible translation consultant.