Praying for Australia and the Pintiini People

A look at this country and how to pray for its people.

  • June 5, 2017
smiling Australian man

Australia Fast Facts

  • Population: 23,131,000
  • Main language: English
  • Main religion: Christianity
  • Total number of languages: 231
  • Number of languages with:
    • No Scripture: 137
    • Scripture portions: 28
    • New Testaments: 12
    • Complete Bibles: 46

Australia is the world’s flattest and driest inhabited continent, with everything from the deserts of the outback to snow-peaked mountains to warm sandy beaches. It’s an island continent and the world’s sixth largest country.

With a population of more than 23 million, Australia is also the home of an ethnically-diverse group of people whose roots trace back to Aboriginal peoples, European ancestry and more. The story of Aboriginal peoples — who came from Southeast Asia — goes back years longer than that of European settlers, who famously settled the country in part as a penal colony.

Australian dirt road landscape

With all these ancestral roots, there are more than 230 languages spoken across Australia, and more than half of them don’t have access to the Bible. That includes the Pintiini language, who have approximately 400 speakers. Although it is often easy to view Australia as a western, English-speaking country, the Pintiini — and many more like them — are still waiting to hear God speak their own language.

Bible translation is continuing across the continent, and Australian mission organizations play an important role in Bible translation work worldwide. In fact, Australia is among the highest-level missionary-sending countries (per capita) in the world. Praise God!

Australian worshippers
  • As translation work continues to be done — both in Australia and through the partnership of Australian mission organizations — pray that God would continue to equip and empower those who are involved in bringing his Word to people who are still waiting.

  • Ask God to raise up more people who are willing to participate in the work.

  • Pray that people across Australia would be changed through the Bible in their own language, whether they’re receiving it for the first time, have had access to it for years or are still waiting to hear God speak their own language.

*The statistics included in the "Fast Facts" section are pulled from

Mark Marcuson

Make a Prayer Connection: Pray for Wycliffe missionary Mark Marcuson, who has completed numerous illustrations for literacy work being done for a people group on the island of Timor and Aboriginal groups in Australia.