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Praying for Chad and the Tun People

A look at this region and how to pray for its people.

  • March 16, 2021
Pray for the Tun of Chad

The country of Chad may not look very large on a map of Africa, but it’s actually over three times the size of California and is in the top 25 largest countries of the world. Chad is landlocked in the middle of the continent and is bordered by six neighboring countries.

Chad’s population is unevenly distributed in large part due to the variations in climate and physical geography throughout the country. With its fresh water, Lake Chad draws most of Chad’s over 17 million people to the southwest. The dry Saharan climate in the north is the least populated region of Chad.

The Tun people live along several rivers that flow into Lake Chad and most people make their living by fishing, selling cotton and breeding goats and poultry. Like many people throughout Chad, some Tun follow Christ but most practice a major world religion that is prevalent in the area.

Over the years, various books of the Bible have been translated into Tunia, the Tun people’s language. And now the small but growing church is ready for more of God’s Word!

A local Tunia translation team began a new translation project at the end of 2020. The main goal of this three-year project is to complete the New Testament translation and prepare it for typesetting.

To help engage Tunia speakers, Scripture reading groups and biblically-based youth camps will also be organized. Additional project goals include training community members to produce Scripture apps, offering six literacy classes each year and working to equip the local church to compose and publish Scripture-based songs in Tunia.

Prayer points:

  • Translation project continues on schedule and that translators remain safe, healthy and motivated.
  • More Tun people will encounter Scripture and come to know Christ.
  • Continued work of Bible translation in Chad and throughout Africa.

Make a Prayer Connection: Pray for the Tunia Project. The Tunia translation team is eager to provide more of God’s Word for this growing gathering of believers.