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Praying for El Salvador and Salvadoran Sign Language

A look at this region and how to pray for its Deaf community.

  • January 29, 2021
Salvadoran man

El Salvador is in Central America and borders Guatemala, Honduras and the Pacific Ocean. Even though El Salvador is close to the size of New Jersey, over 6 million people live in this densely populated nation.

Known as the land of volcanoes, El Salvador is mostly mountainous with over 20 volcanoes. At least five of these volcanoes are considered active. If hiking a volcano like the colossal Santa Ana sounds too adventurous for visitors, they can see other breathtaking natural landmarks like lakes and national parks. Historians and sightseers alike can explore historic buildings, cathedrals and archaeological sites throughout El Salvador.

Many Deaf people in El Salvador live in the capital city of San Salvador and other urban areas to have easier access to schools, health services and potential jobs. Most of the Salvadoran Deaf don’t identify with a religion because they haven’t had the opportunity to learn about God. In order to grow in their faith and knowledge of God, they need Scripture available in Salvadoran Sign Language.

The Salvadoran Sign Language translation team has already translated 38 Bible stories — but they aren’t done yet! This year they plan to complete portions of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Acts, 1 Timothy and 1 Peter.

A video format is used to share God’s Word in Salvadoran Sign Language because hand gestures, body language and facial expressions are so important in signed communication. The Scripture videos are then released on DVD.

A local El Salvador church is a strong partner in this translation endeavor, and their entire congregation is committed to working with the Deaf. Just like the translation team, they feel that it’s God’s calling on their lives to provide Scripture for the over 46,000 people in El Salvador’s Deaf community.

Prayer points:

  • Health and safety of the translation team as they press forward with this important task.
  • People and churches in El Salvador’s Deaf community will be encouraged by God’s Word in Salvadoran Sign Language.
  • Deaf communities around the world that are still waiting for Scripture would recognize God’s love for their language and culture.

Make a Prayer Connection: Pray for full funding for the Ghanaian Sign Language Project. Translators are now eager to complete 19 chapters of the Gospel of Luke. Your prayers and gifts will help the Ghanaian Deaf gain access to more of God’s Word in their sign language!