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Praying for Ethiopia and the Eastern Oromo People

A look at this region and how to pray for its people.

  • April 1, 2020
young Ethiopian boy

Located in East Africa, Ethiopia is known for its unique culture and deep history. The region is covered by diverse landscapes including deserts, volcanoes and highlands.

The Eastern Oromo language is spoken in the Harar area of Ethiopia, which is near a long system of caves. Eastern Oromo speakers traditionally grow sago — a starchy staple food — and potatoes, but they are especially known for their coffee, which they produce as a cash crop.

Less than 1% of the population are Christians. Those who do follow Jesus face persecution from people who adhere to the majority religion in the area. Churches are struggling to find places to meet, and it’s difficult for Christians to find good jobs. Praise God that even through the challenges, the local church is finding joy and encouragement as they engage with the complete Eastern Oromo New Testament.

But the community still needs access to the rest of God’s Word. Eastern Oromo translators are persevering in translation work, driven by their faith. They hope to publish the Old Testament by the end of 2021. They’re particularly excited to bring the book of Hosea to the Eastern Oromo to minister to people in difficult moments.

Pray that God would provide perseverance to Eastern Oromo Christians facing persecution, and praise him that they will soon have the complete Bible in their language!

  • Pray that the Eastern Oromo people will experience the transforming power of God’s Word in their lives and communities.
  • Lift up the Old Testament translators and Christians in the region who are facing persecution for their faith. Ask God to give them strength and grant them safety.
  • Pray that the Eastern Oromo Old Testament translation will be published on schedule without any setbacks, that the community will engage with the full Bible and that Christians will have the courage to share God’s Word with others.

Eastern Oromo translators

Make a Prayer Connection: Pray for full funding for the Eastern Oromo project. A local team is helping to complete the Eastern Oromo Old Testament, print the book of Hosea and produce audio recordings of Genesis and Hosea.