Praying for Eurasia and the Balkan Gagauz Turkish People

A look at this region and how to pray for its people.

  • December 4, 2017
woman overlooking river and Eurasian city

Eurasia is defined as Europe, West Asia (as far as Pakistan) and all the post-Soviet states. It stretches from the Mediterranean Sea to Siberia and from the Arctic Ocean to the Persian Gulf.

This broad geographical area is home to 526 languages*, many of which — such as Arabic, Russian, Punjabi, Turkish and others — have tens of millions of speakers each. But there are also many languages — such as Aer, Koroshi and Gowro of West Asia — with less than 300 speakers each, or those — such as Alutor, Enets and Itelmen of Siberia — with less than 100 speakers each.

Beautiful mountains in Turkey

Much of the remaining translation need is in communities where the gospel is not welcome by political authorities. But this part of the world — and all the beautiful, diverse people that live there — needs access to God’s Word in the languages of the people so that the Good News might be declared.

Alternate names are often used for projects occurring in this region to protect both the people and the workers. There are still many waiting for Scripture, including Balkan Gagauz Turkish (also known as Balkan Turkic). Nearly 450,000 people speak this language. The majority of speakers live in Turkey, but a few thousand also live in Bulgaria and Macedonia. The area is primarily Muslim, but the truth of the gospel in Balkan Turkic can transform lives for God’s glory.

  • Pray that Bible translation work across Eurasia would continue to make progress.

  • Ask God to raise up more workers to participate in translation work across Eurasia, where much of the work is sensitive.

  • Pray that translation would begin for remaining languages that still need it, including Balkan Gagauz Turkish.

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Eric and Deboray Hays

Make a Prayer Connection: Pray for Wycliffe missionaries Eric and Deborah Hays. They are serving the Eurasia area through language technology support and starting a new adventure in Bulgaria!