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Praying for Mexico and the Chatino People

A look at this region and how to pray for its people.

  • January 9, 2020
Mexican woman in colorful dress, leaning against a brick wall

Mexico is brimming with diversity among its people, cultures and traditions. Many groups have preserved their unique heritages and languages through art, food, music, poetry and dress.

Located in Mexico’s southwest state of Oaxaca, the Chatino live in a variety of settings — some in mountainous and wooded areas, and others in the region’s valley and along the coast.

About half of the Chatino follow traditional beliefs, and within many of their homes are makeshift altars where they place pictures of the community’s saints. But praise God that the local church has grown since the Chatino New Testament was published in 2000.

Christians still need access to the rest of God’s Word. Their hope is to one day have the full Bible in Chatino. To help make this vision a reality, a translation team has formed to begin work on the Old Testament. During this three-year project, they will translate and publish Genesis, Joshua, Judges and Ruth. As the team produces these Old Testament books, they’ll also use them to craft Bible stories for their children’s ministries.

Completed Scripture will be made available in both print and audio formats. Praise God that the Chatino will soon have access to more of God’s Word in their language!

  • Ask God to provide health, safety and necessary resources to the Old Testament translation team. Pray that the project will progress on schedule.
  • Praise God that the Chatino people are engaging with their New Testament translation!
  • Pray that communities around Mexico still waiting for Scripture would recognize God’s love for their language and culture.

Chatino Project

Make a Prayer Connection: Pray for a fully funded Chatino Project. Local church leaders are using the existing New Testament, along with the “JESUS” film. Their hope is to one day have the full Bible in Chatino.