Praying for Russia

A look at this country and how to pray for its people.

  • December 28, 2016
Two Russian ladies

Russia Fast Facts

    • Population: 143,856,000
    • Main languages: Russian
    • Main religion: Russian Orthodox Christianity
    • Total number of languages: 97
    • Number of languages with:
      • No Scripture: 43*
      • Scripture portions: 23
      • New Testaments: 21
      • Complete Bibles: 10

*Some of these languages are nearly extinct and will not need a translation project.

Russia is the largest country on earth. It spans one-tenth of all the land on the planet, crosses 11 different time zones and has coasts on three oceans — the Atlantic, the Pacific and the Arctic. More than 140,000,000 people live there, composing nearly 100 different people groups that speak one of the 97 languages used throughout the country. More than half a dozen religions are followed, including Christianity, Buddhism, Islam and ethnic religions.

The Evangelical Church grew rapidly in the 1990s, but struggles with internal division and external opposition. Despite these hardships, many young Christians are opening their eyes to opportunities for cross-cultural ministry — both outside of Russia and within their diverse homeland.


Today Bible translation is ongoing in dozens of languages throughout Russia — 10 languages have complete Bibles and another 21 have the New Testament. But there is still much work to be done, and many people need the gospel in the language that speaks directly to their heart. Despite high levels of Russian language proficiency among ethnic minorities, they have little familiarity with religious vocabulary and concepts in Russian. They have historically perceived Christianity as a “Russian religion” that is foreign to them. When the Bible is in their own language, they’ll finally be able to understand that he’s their God too.

Russian family
  • Although more than 50 percent of the population in Russia identify as Christian, there are many people who still need to learn of Christ’s love for themselves. Pray that they would hear the gospel and be transformed by its message.

  • Ask God to continue to advance the translation work being done across Russia, capturing the hearts of his people as they receive his Word in their own language.

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