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Praying for the Kingdom of Tonga and the Niuafo’ou People

A look at this region and how to pray for its people.

  • July 8, 2019
Smiling Tonga woman

The Kingdom of Tonga is an archipelago in the South Pacific Ocean comprised of 169 islands with a range of international cultural influences. Though Tonga includes just 289 square miles of land, more than 100,000 people call it home.

Niuafo’ou is the northernmost island in Tonga and is made up of an active volcano. No Scripture is currently published in Niuafo’ou, which is the only minority language in the Kingdom of Tonga. But praise God that a translation team is pressing forward to finish the New Testament!

The first draft of the Niuafo’ou New Testament has been completed, and the team continues to press on through the tedious work of thoroughly reviewing the translation for accuracy and clarity. Thank the Lord that the team has discovered a more efficient method of reviewing the translation that results in quicker progress. They’re hoping to finish and print trial editions of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John by October 2019.

Tonga ocean view
Young Tonga boy holding younger little Tonga girl and smiling for the picture.

The Niuafo’ou people are anxiously awaiting reading the Bible in their language. Pray that the consultant, the translation team reviewing the books and the people who will prepare the Gospels for printing are filled with wisdom and strength.

  • Lift up the team as they test Scripture with local speakers to ensure the translations are clear.
  • Pray that progress will continue at a good pace so that Scripture can be published this year.
  • Ask God to prepare the hearts of the Niuafo’ou to receive, hear and understand his Word.

Jim and Gina Nie

Make a Prayer Connection: Pray for Wycliffe missionaries Jim and Gina Nie. Serving in the South Pacific, Jim helps to provide appropriate safety gear, boat services and training to faciliate safe water travel for team members.