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Praying for the Solomon Islands and the Zabana People

A look at this region and how to pray for its people.

  • August 6, 2019
Solomon Islands young boy sitting outside of his house

The Solomon Islands is a chain of six main volcanic, mountainous and heavily forested islands. It’s located northeast of Australia in the Pacific Ocean. English is the official language of the Solomon Islands, but less than 2% of the population speaks it.

With approximately 3,600 people, the Zabana community is one of the smallest language groups in the Solomon Islands. They reside on the northern end of Santa Isabel Island, one of the major islands in the country.

Solomon Islands capital city street
Man at Solomon Islands market weighs large red fish

Only portions of Scripture are currently available in Zabana, but praise God that the translation team is approaching the finish line of completing the New Testament! They’re hoping to finalize and publish the Zabana New Testament in 2021.

As the Zabana New Testament project nears completion, thank the Lord that the Zabana people already have access to 12 New Testament books in their language and that local churches are using Zabana Scripture in their ministries.

Boys playing on Solomon Islands beach

Praise God that his Spirit is already transforming Zabana speakers! God continues to use your prayers to impact people for his glory.

  • Ask the Lord to be with the team as they work to translate the last few books of the New Testament and move into the review and publication process.
  • Pray that the Lord will give the team insight into the meaning of the final few books so that they are clearly understood and sound natural.
  • Praise God for the continued work of Bible translation in the Pacific.

Cheke Holo smiling man

Make a Prayer Connection: The main translator for the Cheke Holo Bible is an elderly church leader who has been laboring faithfully for many years to make God’s Word available for his people. Pray for the finances needed to complete the Old Testament books.