Preparing Hearts for Harvest

Literacy initiatives will prepare the Zingo community
to understand God’s Word for themselves.

  • September 11, 2017
Mexican little girl holding a cat

Work among the Zingo* community originally began in 1970, and the New Testament was published in 1982. The Scriptures needed to be revised so that Zingo speakers could understand it today. So work began on a revision, which has been completed and now needs to be distributed among the community. The New Testament has also been recorded so that an audio version is available for people to listen and readily understand what God’s Word says.

Literacy work needs to occur in the community so that more Zingo speakers can read the New Testament — and any Old Testament books that will be translated and published in the future — and understand it for themselves. Many people are eager to learn to read and write, so the team is focusing on literacy classes while translating books of the Old Testament, including Joshua, Judges, Ruth and more.


The community was first introduced to the gospel in 1945, but there was persecution that caused the small group of believers to disband. The church began again in 1974 when a local man became a Christian and started a group that still exists today. Approximately 25 percent of the community are Christian, and have always used their language in church services. Now that the New Testament is revised and work being done on the Old Testament, they’ll have access to more Scripture in the language that speaks to their heart.

  • As the revised New Testaments are distributed, pray that more and more Zingo speakers will get copies for themselves.

  • Ask God to give the team wisdom as they work on translating books from the Old Testament too.

  • Pray for the literacy classes and all who attend them, that God would help them learn to read and write their own language so they can read his Word and understand the gospel message personally and intimately.

*A pseudonym.

Greg and Mary Ellen Schrock

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