The “Buka Hope” In Roviana

After 115 years, the Roviana people now have God’s word in their own language.

  • October 16, 2017
Smiling Roviana young man wearing flower lei from the celebration

On May 23, 2017, the Roviana people dedicated the complete Roviana Bible — exactly 115 years to the day after the first missionaries shared the gospel in their community.

Large Roviana Celebration sign

It was on May 23, 1902, that Reverend John Goldie led a party of missionaries to bring the gospel to the Roviana people on New Georgia Island. These missionaries came from Tonga, Fiji and Samoa with a desire to share the gospel with their neighbors. As a result, the Roviana community now has the complete in their own language, as well as an audio version of the New Testament.

Roviana boys holding their new Buka Hope

The Roviana Bible — the “Buka Hope” — was celebrated with two-and-a-half days of festivities! More than 1,000 attendees filled the church, while hundreds more sat outside. They were all there to celebrate this life-changing gift of the gospel in their own language. And after 115 years of waiting, it was a day that will be remembered for many years to come.

    Large Roviana Celebration sign
  • Praise God that the Roviana have the complete Bible!

  • As the community uses the “Buka Hope,” ask God to transform lives as people read or listen to his Word in their own language.

  • Pray for other language communities in the region that will be using the Roviana Bible as a source text.

Smiling Roviana woman

Make a Prayer Connection: Continue praising God for this recently completed Bible and read more about the Roviana celebration.