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The Dido of Russia

Prayer opens doors to Bible translation

  • January 9, 2017
Man driving sled with reindeer

An estimated 18,000 people speak Dido, a language that desperately needs the message of the gospel. Only one Dido speaker is known to be a Christian; most instead practice Islam, the primary religion of the region. Access to God’s Word in the Dido language will help this community discover who God is for themselves.

  • Pray that Dido speakers will learn of God in their own language.

  • Ask God to provide a team of translators to begin work for the Dido.

  • Pray that even now, God would move within their community for his glory.

Wycliffe Russia

Make a Prayer Connection: Your prayers will help support a project for the Wycliffe Russia office as it launches new field workers — and involves more Russians in the Bible translation task!