The Gift of God’s Word

The Mangali people will soon have the New Testament
in their own language!

  • November 20, 2017
typesetting in the Philippines

The Mangali New Testament is nearing the finish line! Right now the team is working on making sure all the books of the New Testament have been checked by a consultant and any necessary revisions are made. The consultant checking process included two groups of Mangali people from different districts and church denominations who alternated between reading through the entire New Testament every two weeks from August through October.

The translators are also reading through the New Testament, making corrections as they go. A team member is working to prepare supplementary materials, including a glossary, cross-references, illustrations, maps, a preface and table of contents.

With each step of checking and revising, the Mangali New Testament gets that much closer to being ready for publication. And once it’s completed, this community of approximately 12,000 speakers will have God’s Word in their own language. What a wonderful gift!

typesetting in the Philippines
  • Pray for the consultants as they check each book of the New Testament and give the team final approval on moving forward to the next stage — printing!

  • As the consultants and translators work, ask God to give them wisdom and insight. These checks are crucial to ensuring that the translation will communicate authentically, accurately and clearly to the Mangali people.

  • Pray that any revisions needed will be made quickly so that the Mangali can have this precious gift — God’s Word — in their language soon.

Larry and Lucena Paul

Make a Prayer Connection: Pray for Wycliffe missionaries Larry and Lucena Paul. Larry assists Bible translation by serving as a facilities manager at Faith Academy, an international Christian school in Manila, Philippines primarily for the children of missionaries working in Asia.