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The Tonac Mixtec Celebrate Their Scriptures!

Dedicating a New Testament 70 years in the making.

  • February 8, 2019
A mountain city in Mexico

On March 8, 2018 in a small mountain village of southern Mexico, excitement and anticipation swelled within the hearts of Tonac* Mixtec Christians as they celebrated their newly-translated Scriptures.

Half a dozen Mixtec congregations in the area came together to organize the event. Though naturally a more reserved people, on this day Tonac Mixtec speakers expressed their joy at receiving the New Testament through smiles, laughter and hugging.

The Tonac Mixtec New Testament translation work began 70 years ago. Years of hardship along with the deaths of translators set the project back. But God was with them through it all and they completed their work in 2018. Hope broke through the obstacles and the New Testament has been received with joy!

One attendee noted that as the New Testaments were given out to church leaders, their names were called off one by one. The leaders were then given personal charges as they received their Scriptures, such as “This is God’s Word that you are receiving. It is for you to use in ministry, preach from it in Mixtec, use it and obey it.”

Roughly 10,000 Tonac Mixtec speakers live in various parts of the United States, so another dedication is being planned for 3,000 of those who live in one U.S. city. As the team works on translating more Scriptures in Tonac Mixtec, praise God for the work that he has done and continues to do among these people!

  • Praise God for the completed translation of the New Testament into Tonac Mixtec and for the joyful and receptive hearts of the people.
  • Ask God to give the people teachable hearts as they continue to learn and grow in the truth of his Word.
  • Pray for translators as they work on continuing to translate other portions of Scripture into Tonac Mixtec.

*Name changed


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