Translating for the Alyawarr Community

A complete New Testament translation will help the Alyawarr understand who God is.

  • June 12, 2017
an Alyawarr family
man spinning thread

When people understand who God is and how much he loves them, lives are changed. The Alyawarr community already has four Old Testament and 11 New Testament books available in print, but they need the complete Bible so they can fully understand who God is and strengthen their faith. As they come to have a personal relationship with God, Alyawarr lives will be changed — both now and for future generations.

Many Alyawarr people already consider themselves to be believers, but their understanding of their faith and its application to daily life are very limited. That’s why they need more Scripture in their own language, so that they can continue to deepen and strengthen their faith in God.

translators working together

The translation project has slowed in recent years for a number of reasons, including the death of the one remaining non-indigenous translator’s wife and a series of tragic deaths among the community. There are also few church leaders in some areas, so there is limited spiritual guidance for the people. It is the team’s hope that by having more Scripture available in various formats, the people would be able to understand that they are loved by God, that they have dignity and worth in his eyes and that they need to apply Scripture to their faith in their daily lives to grow as believers.

  • The personnel involved in the Alyawarr translation are stretched to cover many tasks in a large geographical area, so pray that God would continue to equip and empower them to do the work for his glory.

  • Ask God to reveal his character to the Alyawarr people in personal and intimate ways so that they want to become more involved in the project themselves. As of now, the project relies heavily on non-Alyawarr individuals.

  • Pray that more Scripture engagement workers would help the Alyawarr utilize the Scripture that’s already available. A young couple began working among the Alyawarr in 2015, but more are needed to help the people value having Scripture in their own language. Then they’ll be able to better use it to become stronger in their faith and understanding of God and his character.

Bruce Neher

Make a Prayer Connection: Pray for Wycliffe missionary Bruce Neher, who will serve with the Australian Society for Indigenous Languages helping to create audio and video resources (like audio Bibles) for communities in Australia.