Aitape West Cluster

Translating Scripture together in unity

Aitape West Cluster

Project Description

“The Word of God must be the greatest,” said a local church leader. “These various differences that we have, we must leave aside. The Word of God must be our number one thing.”

And it’s happening — 11 teams are working together to translate God’s Word into the languages that make up the Aitape West Cluster!

The Olo Pai team is new to the cluster and working on initial goals and training. The Arop team is further along in their translation, and they encourage and counsel the other teams.

In this remote Aitape West region, there are 14 church denominations, and most of them have been involved in the project in one way or another.

“Many of the church leaders who attend Scripture checking workshops explain how they learned so much more of the true meaning of the Scriptures,” said an adviser. Following one workshop a participant said, “The Scripture comes alive as it speaks clearly in my own language.”

Your prayers and investment will help 11 Aitape West people groups access more of God’s Word in their heart languages!


Funds in excess of the current need will be applied to a similar project or to future needs within the same project.