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Aru Malay 3

Translating Old and New Testament portions

Aru Malay 3

Project Description

For many years, church leaders in Indonesia’s Aru Islands have used Scripture in the national language during worship services.

But thanks to recent translation efforts, God’s Word is now being read in churches in Aru Malay —  the first language of tens of thousands of people as well as a regional trade language spoken by many others.

In addition, as more Scripture is produced, it’s starting to be used in less formal gatherings such as Sunday school classes and Bible studies.

Recently, a church leader grew excited when he heard about a training on how to engage people using translated materials. “[This workshop] will make it possible for us to use Aru Malay in all kinds of ministry events, not just the Sunday morning services!” he declared.

Aru Malay-speaking Christians are thrilled to have portions of the Bible in their language — and they’re eager to have more.

During this project, the team will complete five New Testament books, publish portions of Psalms and record the Gospel of John in audio format.

Your prayers and gifts will help Aru Malay speakers experience Scripture in a language that touches their hearts!


Funds in excess of the current need will be applied to a similar project or to future needs within the same project.