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Finishing the task in their language


Project Description

“We are getting closer to the fulfillment of our desire to have the Holy Scriptures translated into our own language,” says an Asháninka translation team member.

The Asháninka people have the New Testament in their language and portions of the Old Testament. They are eager to have access to the rest of the Old Testament!

A team of Asháninka men has been faithfully translating for years with the help of a translation consultant. They are about 80 percent done, and are dedicated to finishing the task! Members of various local churches understand the importance of the project and are also very involved in the work.

The team says, “We consider that all the materials and biblical portions are very important, since the content guides us and teaches us how to improve our relationships … and also opens the road for us to seek the truth and put it into practice.”

Your prayers and investment will help the Asháninka people have the whole Bible in their own language!

Funds in excess of the current need will be applied to a similar project or to future needs within the same project.