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Translating Old Testament portions into their language


Project Description

Many Avokaya people have been displaced from their homeland and wrestle with the trauma they’ve endured. They live with the stress of their experiences, and the reality of being far from the home they love. 

Translation team members believe that the Old Testament Scripture portions that will be published in this project will speak to the Avokaya’s situation.

As people read God’s Word, they will see that, like them, the writers of the Psalms wrestled through many challenges. The events described in Numbers and 2 Kings will also be relatable to many in the community.

Additional goals will encourage engagement with Scripture. Liturgical materials will be printed for use in church services and Bible studies. Staff will also produce “Walking With Jesus,” a video series that helps new Christians grow in their faith.

Through translated Scripture, Avokaya speakers can find the hope and healing of the God who loves them. Will you partner with the team in this important work?

Your prayers and gifts will help the Avokaya people gain access to God’s Word in a language and form that speaks to their hearts!


Funds in excess of the current need will be applied to a similar project or to future needs within the same project.