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Bamenda Cluster

Producing the very first Scripture in five languages

Bamenda Cluster

Project Description

There is a common belief among those in the Bamenda Cluster that the Bible and Christianity represent a foreign culture and don’t pertain to their own way of life. “Church leaders are convinced that having the Scriptures in the local languages will help to dispel this belief,” a project adviser said.

Bambui, Nweh, Nkwen, Nyongnepa and Oshie church leaders have requested Scripture in the form of oral Bible stories. “In Cameroon, more attention and value is given to stories recounted in the mother tongue,” the adviser said. 

During oral Bible storytelling workshops, staff members will work alongside local participants to craft 30 narratives in each language.

Translators will also draft the Gospels of Matthew and Luke in the Bamenda Cluster languages. When Luke is completed, it will be published in print and audio formats.

“We believe that many people will be brought close to God through the work of oral Bible storytelling and Bible translation,” the adviser said.

Your prayers and gifts will help make God’s Word accessible to the people of the Bamenda Cluster in languages that speak to their hearts!


Funds in excess of the current need will be applied to a similar project or to future needs within the same project.