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Bantu Coastal Cluster 2

Translating Scripture into three local languages

Bantu Coastal Cluster 2

Project Description

Bantu Coastal Christians believe lives will be transformed as people engage with God’s Word in local languages.

“Our prayer is that the people of these Bantu Coastal communities will find their hope in the one true God — not the traditional religion that’s based on fear and sorcery,” a project adviser said.

We’re working with local translators to produce portions of Scripture in the three Bantu Coastal Cluster languages — Batanga, Iyasa and Kwasio.

The Kwasio team will publish four New Testament books — Matthew, Galatians and 1-2 Timothy — in print and audio formats. In addition, they aim to make progress on John and Revelation.

The Batanga and Iyasa teams have similar translation goals. During this project, they will publish the books of Matthew and Acts in their languages. They also plan to work on Mark, John and as time permits, selections from Psalms.

Your prayers and gifts will help the people of the Bantu Coastal Cluster gain access to God’s Word in languages they clearly understand!


Funds in excess of the current need will be applied to a similar project or to future needs within the same project.