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Translating Old Testament books into their language


Project Description

For some time, a Basketo evangelist named Haile has been reading the Bible in another language, Amharic.

Haile was eager to communicate the gospel to others. But it was difficult without Scripture in his own language. “I have been struggling to understand the exact meaning of what the Amharic Bible says,” he said. 

When Haile finally gained access to the New Testament in Basketo, he was amazed. “It made my work so easy!” he said. 

We’re working with a local translation team to produce more of God’s Word in the Basketo language! In this three-year project, team members will complete and print seven Old Testament books.

Initially the team will publish 2,000 trial copies of Genesis, Esther, Obadiah and Jonah.

Trial copies of the remaining three books — Exodus, Joshua and Ruth — will be made available before the project ends. In addition, a translation consultant will check drafts of nine other Old Testament books. 

Your prayers and gifts will help the Basketo people gain access to more Scripture in a language that speaks to their hearts!


Funds in excess of the current need will be applied to a similar project or to future needs within the same project.