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Bekwel 3

Stirring spiritual change through Bible translation

Bekwel 3

Project Description

After gathering regularly to listen to the Gospel of Luke in their language, seven people in a Bekwel community decided to follow Jesus! Each was baptized and became a member of a local church.

We’re partnering with a local team to produce more of God’s Word in the Bekwel language!

In this three-year project, translators will finish their work on Matthew and complete Acts, Galatians, Philemon and the Gospel of John. They’ll also produce 19 foundational Old Testament stories from Genesis and Exodus. And work will begin on the “JESUS” film script in the Bekwel language.

Bible translation work is stirring positive change among Bakwele Christians. “We can see it bringing people together, building bridges of fraternal love,” a project coordinator said.

In the next three years, and with the assistance of an inter-church committee, the team expects 20 churches in the region to be using the recorded and published material.

Your prayers and gifts will help the Bakwele people access more of God’s Word in a language and form that speaks to their hearts!


Funds in excess of the current need will be applied to a similar project or to future needs within the same project.