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Bekwel 4

Alive Again

Bekwel 4

Project Description

Arnaud’s faith had grown cold.

While he considered himself a Christian, his beliefs had little impact on his daily life. He rarely attended church, seeing the weekends as a time to get together with friends and enjoy drinks.

His outlook changed when he was recruited as a Bekwel Bible translator. As Arnaud began drafting Scripture, the meditations of God’s Word pierced his heart.

He became eager to share Bible and literacy materials with his friends and eventually showed them the book “Reading and Writing in Bekwel.” His friends weren’t interested, but Arnaud wasn’t deterred. He continued to tell them about his work, and over time, they became intrigued. Today, they’re all engaging with Scripture regularly. “This has not only reframed my life but also those of my friends,” Arnaud said.

Now he and the other Bekwel translators are excited to make more of God’s Word available in their language. In this three-year project, they will translate the remaining 20 New Testament books, publishing them in print and digital formats.

Will you partner with them?

Your prayers and gifts will help Bekwel speakers encounter more of the life-giving words of Scripture in a language they clearly understand.

Funds in excess of the current need will be applied to a similar project or to future needs within the same project.