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Border Kuna - BT

New Testament Revision and Old Testament Translation

Border Kuna - BT

Project Description

 Bible translation work began in the Border Kuna community nearly 40 years ago and God has continued to faithfully provide for the Border Kuna people in remarkable ways. Now, the Border Kuna translation team is working hard to revise their New Testament and translate the Old Testament to complete their Bible.

 In this three-year project, two local churches are taking the lead in their community. They are reviewing the book of Acts to learn more about the first believers and the doctrines, the principles of the early church, and Paul's missionary trips.

 In addition, the two churches want to visit neighboring communities and do evangelism with the books of Jonah and Genesis. Translating the book of Ruth is also a priority to help facilitate women’s ministry in the area.

 Once translated books are available in print and audio format, the two churches plan to help people engage with Scripture. And in addition to doing evangelism, they also hope to do discipleship, outreach campaigns, biblical study groups, workshops, training, youth retreats, and community meetings.

 Your prayers and gifts will help to advance the Border Kuna translation project and help the people receive the complete Bible in their language.

Funds in excess of the current need will be applied to a similar project or to future needs within the same project.