Bouenza Cluster

Translating God’s Word into two languages

Bouenza Cluster

Project Description

“For their development and freedom, we need to translate the Bible into their mother tongue,” says a project coordinator.

Together with our partners, we are working with local churches to make God’s Word available in Doondo and Southwest Teke — the languages of the Bouenza Cluster. 

During this two-year project, teams will translate the Gospel of Matthew into Southwest Teke and the Gospel of Luke into both languages. They will make them available as printed booklets and also as audio recordings. In addition, the “JESUS” film, based on Luke, will be produced in Doondo.

Having these books will give local churches the opportunity to read Scripture in their services and use it in small group Bible studies. Project staff will also train church leaders to conduct listening groups, using the audio recordings of Scripture. “This will lead to a desire to have more of God’s Word translated in their language,” said a project coordinator.

Your prayers and investment will help bring God’s Word to people of the Bouenza Cluster!


Funds in excess of the current need will be applied to a similar project or to future needs within the same project.