Budu-Koya 2

Translating God’s Word and Engaging Communities

Budu-Koya 2

Project Description

“Budu-Koya believers want to see lives transformed and attitudes changed as a result of the translation of Scripture,” said a project coordinator.

We are working with our partners to train local staff, engage the Budu-Koya community and continue the translation of the New Testament into their language.

During this one-year project, the local team will publish and distribute the Gospel of John in booklet form. This will give Budu-Koya people the opportunity to experience the Gospel in their mother tongue, and allow the team to get community feedback on the translation.

Local participation and training of Budu-Koya staff will help develop sustainability and a deeper sense of ownership among community members.

Project staff are hopeful that God’s Word will bring about transformation in Budu-Koya communities.

Your prayers and investment will help bring the life-changing power of God’s Word to the Budu-Koya people!


Funds in excess of the current need will be applied to a similar project or to future needs within the same project.