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Cheke Holo

Translating Old Testament books for the Cheke Holo people

Cheke Holo

Project Description

“The church community has appreciated so much what was done on the Cheke Holo Bible,” said a project adviser. “They are using whatever is translated in their worship services and other Bible readings times.”

We are working with a local team to translate portions of the Old Testament into the Cheke Holo language! During this 18-month project, the team will complete and publish nine Old Testament books.

The main translator is an elderly church leader who has been laboring faithfully for many years to make God’s Word available for his people. His efforts have already contributed to the translation of 25 percent of the Old Testament, much of which is available in trial editions.

Recently, a former adviser to the Cheke Holo translation work has rejoined the effort and will serve as a consultant. “This gives a chance to revitalize the work while maximizing the contribution of this aging translator,” said a project coordinator.

Your prayers and investment will help make more of God’s Word available to the Cheke Holo people!


Funds in excess of the current need will be applied to a similar project or to future needs within the same project.

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