Translating the first Scripture in their language


Project Description

“This feels like my own mother is speaking to me,” said a Chonyi university student after reading from the recently drafted Gospel of Matthew. 

Another student read quietly with tears in her eyes.

“You mean that the Bible can really be written in Chonyi, our language?” she asked. “You mean this is really possible?” 

The translator assured her that Scripture was indeed being written in Chonyi. The student said that she’d been reading the Bible in another language. Even though she understood a little, she always felt as if someone far away from her reality was speaking to her — until now!

We are partnering with a local team to help produce the first Scripture in the Chonyi language.

Chonyi leaders designed the project goals to meet their community needs. An adviser says, “They are quite eager to receive these portions to begin impacting lives as quickly as possible for total community change!”

Your prayers and investment will help make God’s Word available to the Chonyi people in the language that speaks to their hearts!


Funds in excess of the current need will be applied to a similar project or to future needs within the same project.