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Greek Room

Advanced Technological Support for Translators and Consultants

Greek Room

Project Description

The task of Bible translation is incredibly complex. As you can imagine, translating God’s Word is time-consuming and requires great attention to detail. In fact, a recent evaluation of multiple Bible translation projects has indicated that translators spend significant time revising word usage and spelling errors.

And because Bible translation is in high demand globally, the need for quality revisionary support is essential to increase translation speed and ensure quality.

In order to meet this demand, Wycliffe is collaborating with the University of Southern California on an advanced technological project called Greek Room, which will provide Bible translators and translation consultants with the support they need.

Greek Room software is a set of tools that will strengthen translation quality while accelerating translation speed. The software will feature a smart spell checker, a translation consistency checker and a word and phrase suggestion tool.

Greek Room will help Bible translators and translation consultants around the world significantly. But most importantly, it will help even more people have God’s Word in a language they clearly understand.

Your prayers and gifts will help to advance the Greek Room project and provide translators and consultants with essential revisionary support.

Funds in excess of the current need will be applied to a similar project or to future needs within the same project.