Katavi Cluster

Translating the Gospel of Luke and the “JESUS” film

Katavi Cluster

Project Description

Shortly after the start of translation work in the Bende language, a group of Bende men and women gathered together to review the final drafts of Jonah and Ruth — the very first Scripture in their language.

After the translator read a bit from the book of Jonah, there was a pause for feedback. But the group was silent. Finally, one reviewer nodded his head in delight, and said, “When he read it, it was like he was talking straight to me!”

We are partnering with local translators to produce Scripture in the languages of the Katavi Cluster — Bende and Pimbwe.

In this one-year project, teams will complete the Gospel of Luke in both languages, as well as the script for the “JESUS” film. Following a consultant’s check of their work, Luke will be ready for publication and the “JESUS” film will be ready to record.

Your prayers and investment will help the people of the Katavi Cluster access God’s Word in their heart languages!


Funds in excess of the current need will be applied to a similar project or to future needs within the same project.