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Katavi Cluster 2

Making God’s Word accessible in four languages

Katavi Cluster 2

Project Description

“For sure, Bible translation is redemption for the Bende language and for the community at large,” said Mathias, a Bende translator and former pastor.

We’re working with local teams to make God’s Word available in four Katavi Cluster languages — Bende, Konongo, Pimbwe and Ruwila!

During this three-year project, the Bende team will publish over a dozen New Testament books. The Pimbwe team will translate eight books, as well as Old Testament portions from Genesis and Psalms. Each book will be uploaded immediately after completion onto a Scripture app so God’s Word can be shared widely via cellphones.

Meanwhile the Konongo and Ruwila groups — new additions to the project — will gain access to the first Scripture in their languages! Using cutting-edge translation software, team members will produce the Gospel of Luke in audio format.

A project adviser explained: “[In this way] the Scriptures will reach the ears and hearts of listeners even before a writing system or printed materials are developed.”

Your prayers and gifts will help to make Scripture available to the people of the Katavi Cluster — in languages they clearly understand!


Funds in excess of the current need will be applied to a similar project or to future needs within the same project.