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Translating God’s Word for the first time


Project Description

For the Makatian community, the wait for Bible translation work to begin has been a long one.

After the gospel message reached their shores in the early 1900s, large numbers of people came to Christ and were baptized. But since that time, many believers, lacking access to Scripture in Makatian, have struggled to grow in their faith.

“Because the Gospels are only available in the national language, the understanding of the Bible is often shallow,” a project adviser said.

But now church leaders and translation staff hope to change that. 

In this project, experienced staff members will come alongside local translators selected by the Makatian church. The facilitators will help train the team and offer exegetical guidance throughout the process.


Initially, the team will produce liturgies and hymns. Then the Gospel of Luke will be drafted. The completed book will be published digitally. Some portions will also be printed and distributed.

“May God use this project,” a coordinator said, “to draw people into a closer walk with him.”

Your prayers and gifts will help Makatians experience the power of Scripture in a language that speaks to their hearts.


Funds in excess of the current need will be applied to a similar project or to future needs within the same project.