Mangbetu 2

Comforting people with the very first Scripture in their language

Mangbetu 2

Project Description

“During these past days, I have been feeling beaten down, discouraged and deprived,” said an elderly Mangbetu woman to a project team member. “If only I could read the Word of God, maybe I’d be relieved.”

When the team responded and helped the woman to read some Scripture passages in Mangbetu, she said, “Ah, thank you, God! I feel comforted, and my strength is renewed. I believe I have seen and felt you through these paragraphs.”

In this one-year project, the team will finish translating the Gospels of Matthew and John. Then, following a series of checks and revisions, the Gospels will be printed and distributed — the very first Scripture published in Mangbetu!

“We want to see lives transformed and attitudes changed as a result of the Scripture translation,” said a project team member.

Your prayers and investment will help Mangbetu people access God’s Word in their own language!


Funds in excess of the current need will be applied to a similar project or to future needs within the same project.

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