Marka Dafin

Completing the Gospels in Marka Dafin

Marka Dafin

Project Description

"Our hearts are overflowing with joy because we’re already seeing some portions of the translated Scriptures,” said Pastor Simon, chairman of the Marka Dafin translation committee. “These portions are like precious pearls in our hands during our Sunday service!”

We are partnering with local translators to produce Scripture in the Marka Dafin language. 

Already, the team has published the story of Abraham and drafted the Gospel of Mark. In this three-year project, they will publish Mark — and finish the remaining three Gospels, checking them with a consultant so they are ready for publishing. They’ll also draft the book of Acts and create a songbook.

Having more of God’s Word in their own language will give the Marka Dafin people a deeper understanding of God’s truth and a biblical worldview regarding traditional religious practices. Scripture will be used by partners doing church planting, in youth camps and even on local radio broadcasts. 

Your prayers and investment will help the Marka Dafin people access more of God’s Word in their own language!


Funds in excess of the current need will be applied to a similar project or to future needs within the same project.