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Mixteco de Jicaltepec

Translating the Old Testament into their heart language

Mixteco de Jicaltepec

Project Description

A Mixteco de Jicaltepec man didn’t understand God’s Word when he read it in Spanish. However, to his delight and surprise, he understood every word when he read translated drafts in his heart language!

“Now whenever the translators hand him newly translated Scripture, not only does he study it for himself, but he also shares it with his congregation,” reports the project adviser.

We are working with a team of dedicated and skilled local translators who are translating the Old Testament into their own language.

The Mixteco de Jicaltepec people already have the New Testament. Now, almost all of the Old Testament has been drafted — only 2 Kings, 1 Chronicles and Jeremiah are left! Several books are approved for publication.

The translation team and local churches long to see the complete Mixteco de Jicaltepec Scriptures bring life, hope and dignity to everyone in their society.

Your prayers and investment will help the Mixteco de Jicaltepec people have access to the entire Bible in their heart language!


Funds in excess of the current need will be applied to a similar project or to future needs within the same project.