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Obo Manobo

Producing Old Testament Scripture in their language

Obo Manobo

Project Description

In 2011 the Obo Manobo New Testament was completed! Today it’s widely used in churches and Bible studies, as well as by individuals.

But believers are eager for more Scripture. We’re now working with a local partner to translate Old Testament portions into the Obo Manobo language.

An experienced team, which had previously worked on the New Testament, will continue in this project — translating Genesis, Exodus, Joshua, 1 Samuel, Esther, Nehemiah and seven Psalms.

In addition to printed text, audio recordings will be produced, as many Obo Manobo believers enjoy listening to Scripture while doing daily chores.

The team will also compose 100 Scripture-based songs in Obo Manobo. Most local church services are held in Obo Manobo, so this added collection of resources will be a great encouragement as people worship God in their language.

Your prayers and gifts will help make Old Testament portions available to the Obo Manobo people in a language they clearly understand!


Funds in excess of the current need will be applied to a similar project or to future needs within the same project.