Translating the Old Testament in their language


Project Description

“I pray for the whole Bible in Sissala to be available very soon, and for the Word of God to be preached in Sissala,” said a Sissala believer.

As local Christians gain access to God’s Word and grow in their faith, the church is growing. We are working in partnership with a local team to provide more of God’s Word by continuing the translation of the Old Testament among the Sissala people!

During this four-year project, the team will publish copies of Leviticus, Joshua and Proverbs — books they have already translated. They will also produce an audio recording of the book of Proverbs. This will allow Sissala people to gain access to portions of the Old Testament even before the entire text is available.

Staff will also complete their work on nine Old Testament books and check them with a consultant in preparation for later publication.

Your prayers and investment will help the Sissala people gain access to more of the life-changing Word of God in their language!


Funds in excess of the current need will be applied to a similar project or to future needs within the same project.