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Thai Sign Language 2

Producing another Scripture story set for Thai Deaf signers

Thai Sign Language 2

Project Description

“I have a friend who has a lot of problems and vices in her life,” said a Thai Deaf Christian. “I’ve shared some of the Bible stories with her and she’s been really touched. Ever since she watched them, I’ve begun to see changes in her life and the choices she makes.” 

We are partnering with local Deaf translators to produce more of God’s Word in Thai Sign Language!

Thai Deaf believers are already seeing fruit from previously published Scripture that includes the Gospel of Mark and 32 Bible stories in the “Know God How” series.

Now the experienced translation team is focused on completing another story set called “Follow God How.” The series includes 45 Bible narratives that focus on discipleship and give a more complete picture of the plan of God throughout the Bible.

“Because most Thai Deaf come from a majority-religion background, these stories will help explain what it looks like to follow God outside of the religious context that they’re used to,” said a project adviser.

Your prayers and investment will help Thai Deaf people access more of God’s Word in their own sign language!


Funds in excess of the current need will be applied to a similar project or to future needs within the same project.