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Ukrainian Sign Language

Bringing the Gospels of John and Matthew to life

Ukrainian Sign Language

Project Description

We’re partnering with a local Deaf team as they translate New Testament portions into Ukrainian Sign Language! 

To clearly communicate the gospel message to the Ukrainian Deaf community, two Gospel accounts will be translated. The Gospel of John will be finished first, followed by Matthew.

The sign language translations are produced as videos, so the process generally takes longer than for written translations. The team must film the person signing the translated Scripture, then check, edit and revise it, and finally publish the video recordings.

A translation committee is providing direction for this three-year project. Comprised of pastors and leaders from several local churches, the committee is eager to produce materials for use in regular worship services.

With access to Scripture in their sign language, Ukrainian Deaf Christians will also be equipped to study God’s Word on their own — and engage those who don’t yet follow Christ. 

Your prayers and gifts will help the Ukrainian Deaf access God’s Word in a language and form that impacts their hearts!


Funds in excess of the current need will be applied to a similar project or to future needs within the same project.

Wycliffe’s 2020 Gift Catalog is full of ways for you to provide translated Scripture to people in their language. Each gift shares hope with those waiting.