Translating more of the New Testament


Project Description

“The gospel presented in another language has had limited impact on the everyday lives of the Winyé people,” said a project adviser. “Scriptures in Winyé are needed to bring spiritual growth and effective evangelism to the people.”

The Gospel of Luke is already published in both print and audio formats, and is widely used among Winyé communities. Now this highly experienced team is focused on finishing and publishing Romans, and then completing the revision and checking of 17 other New Testament books.

Ever since Christianity was first introduced to the Winyé people in the 1950s, it has largely been viewed as a foreign religion. Having God’s Word in Winyé will help people understand that the Good News is for them, and that God is not a stranger.

Your prayers and investment will help the Winyé people access more of God’s Word in their heart language!


Funds in excess of the current need will be applied to a similar project or to future needs within the same project.