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Become a WordGiver

Join a special community of donors who are investing in a world where everyone has God’s Word in their language. As a WordGiver, you’ll see the impact your monthly gift is... Read More


In 2018, Berba people came from far and wide to celebrate the publication of the New Testament and Genesis in Biali, their language. Local church and community leaders applauded the... Read More

Bring Heroes of the Faith to Life Through Translation

The Kituba translation team in Congo has produced the New Testament and portions of the Old Testament. By choosing this gift, you help translate the entire Bible in Kituba, bringing Old... Read More

Bring More of God’s Word to People in Nigeria

People from the GENAAT Cluster in Nigeria, which includes five languages, are eager for more Scripture! “People are beginning to preach in their churches and pray at home in their... Read More

Bring the Gospel of Hope to Children in South Asia

More than a million people who speak seven related languages will soon have the New Testament. Your gift will produce a children’s Bible in print, digital and audio formats in six... Read More

Change Lives in Indonesia through Scripture

The Aru Malay community in Indonesia faces challenges like alcoholism and domestic violence. This gift provides Scripture in a language they clearly understand — including the... Read More

Children’s Projects Bundle

Provide children with Bible story videos, children’s Bibles and storybooks. Read More

Chonyi 2

“Chonyi church leaders agree,” a project adviser said. “The community’s needs can be addressed by spiritual enlightenment through the Word of God.” About... Read More

Chuka 2

We’re partnering with a local team to make more Scripture available in the Chuka language! Previously the translation team produced seven New Testament books. During this... Read More

Colombia Sign Language 2

the Americas
Growing up, Sebastian knew little about Jesus. But then he started attending a Christian school for Deaf Colombian children like himself. There, he started learning about Jesus’... Read More