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Sadja, a Gangam translator, believes Old Testament Scripture will have a significant impact on his community. But while he’s been translating God’s Word, he’s... Read More

GENAAT Cluster

“The availability of God’s Word in the people’s heart languages will be one of the indispensable factors that will bring many to a saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus... Read More

Ghanaian Sign Language

Attending church can be challenging for Ghanaian Deaf people. The rows of seats typically found in churches limit their ability to see a signed message. Even when they can see, the... Read More

Give Children Bible Story Videos

The Ezenok people live in a very remote region of Eurasia, and less than 1% of the population follows Jesus. This gift will help produce three videos starring costumed “finger... Read More

Give Luke to Four Languages in Indonesia

Four languages represent the last major translation needs in the Minahasa region of Indonesia. This gift completes the translation of Luke in all four languages and will be used to... Read More

Give Sambla People Their First Scripture

The majority of Sambla people in Burkina Faso follow the traditional religion. Scripture in a language and format they clearly understand will serve as a tool of evangelism. This gift... Read More

Give the Full New Testament to the Mengaka

In Cameroon, local churches are asking for the full New Testament in Mengaka. This gift will deepen discipleship and convict people to stand against traditional beliefs. The Mengaka team... Read More

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Thanks for your interest in helping Bible translation! To give to a project now, just enter the project name and/or ID along with the gift amount above. On the following page,... Read More

Gospel Translation Bundle

Provide the Good News of Jesus to people in Côte d’Ivoire, Indonesia and Southeast Asia. Read More

Greek Room

The task of Bible translation is incredibly complex. As you can imagine, translating God’s Word is time-consuming and requires great attention to detail. In fact, a recent... Read More