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Give a Gift Where it's Most Needed

Millions of people are still waiting for God’s Word in their language. Today, Wycliffe has more opportunities for Bible translation projects than we can include in this catalog.... Read More


“God’s Word for the Hamer people will provide hope and transform their lives,” said a project adviser, “especially as they understand how they are made in... Read More

Help Give the "JESUS" Film

In Asia the Walina* translation team is confident that God’s Word will pierce the heart of the people. Your gift of $75 will help provide the “JESUS” film based on the... Read More

Help Produce Video Bible Stories

You can provide Bible stories on video for a language group in Asia without any Scripture in their language. Read More

Invest in the Ministry of a Wycliffe Missionary

The work of Wycliffe goes forward through the ministry of missionaries who are dedicated to the task of translating God’s Word. You can help to ensure that our dedicated... Read More

Japanese Sign Language

“This is important work that will increase a feeling of ownership among Japanese Deaf for their language and culture,” said a project adviser. We are partnering with local... Read More


the Americas
“Now I see that Jesus is special. He is the Son of God,” said a young Bible student after reading some revised passages from the Gospel of Mark. “Tomorrow I am going to... Read More


A Kasem man jumped for joy as he received a copy of 1 and 2 Samuel in his language. "That's what I was looking for with all my heart,” he said. The church leader who gave the man... Read More

Katavi Cluster

Shortly after the start of translation work in the Bende language, a group of Bende men and women gathered together to review the final drafts of Jonah and Ruth — the very first... Read More


“For Kore Christians, their faith influences their daily lives in many ways,” said a project manager. “Like now, they never fear an attack from evil spirits and they... Read More