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Help the Dyan Complete the New Testament

The Dyan translation team is working to complete the New Testament! Translated Scripture is already making an impact in the community. One Dyan Christian said, “Since... Read More

Help the Murle People Engage with God’s Word

The Murle people of South Sudan need more Scripture to disciple their community! The past few years have been devastating for the people in the area, as they’ve experienced record... Read More

Help Translate More Scripture in Colombian Sign Language

Lorena, who is Deaf, struggled to know God. When she experienced translated Scripture in Colombian Sign Language, Lorena said, “I finally understood how I’m part of the big... Read More

Help Translators Produce Oral Scripture in Seven Languages

The Sadengsapa Papua communities in Indonesia — which include seven related languages — need God’s Word in a language and format they clearly understand. Your... Read More

Help Tugen Believers Address Social Issues Through the Translated New Testament

The Tugen people in Kenya are eagerly studying their translated New Testament books. Many of the people access the translation through mobile apps or hear it broadcasted on the radio.... Read More

Iwak 2

When Cora heard Scripture in the Ilocano language, its meaning seemed simple and shallow because the text wasn’t in a language she clearly understood. Yet for many years, listening... Read More


the Pacific
Understanding the Bible’s teachings has been a struggle for Kaninuwa Christians, since for many years it was only available in another language.  Then in 2005, an... Read More

Koorete 2

A young Kore man reaches into his schoolbag and pulls out a book. But it’s not a textbook — it’s the New Testament in Koorete, his language. The young man shows the... Read More


In Kunama culture, when a family needs help with their harvest, they often call on their neighbors for assistance. And their friends gladly come, even though their only payment will be... Read More

Laarim 2

“Through the translated Scriptures,” a project coordinator said, “Laarim people will come to know the Lord, people will be discipled, and the church will be... Read More