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Around the World with Kate & Mack

Around the World with Kate & Mack

Meet Kate, a Wycliffe missionary, and her best friend, Mack. They're traveling around the world to learn more about cultures, languages and countries — and they want you to join them! Learn more about their book, "Around the World with Kate & Mack: A Look at Languages from A-Z" and how to download free activities for your kids.

  1. Arop maze
  2. Decode the message
  3. Your Ghana name
  4. Paratha bread recipe
  5. Sudoku puzzle
Seasonal Activities

Easter Hope

Kate and Mack are at it again, and this time they’re teaching your kids about the reason we celebrate Easter! Join them as they travel the world and learn how different cultures celebrate this important day. Most importantly, dive into Scripture with your kids and read about Jesus’ death and resurrection.

  1. Easter Around the World - Week One
  2. Easter Around the World - Week Two
  3. Easter Around the World - Week Three
  4. Easter Around the World - Week Four
  5. Easter Around the World - Week Five

Other Seasonal Activities

Steps to Bible Translation

Steps to Bible Translation

Educate your children using this twelve-lesson series that includes colorful work pages and interactive stories with lively activities. A variety of scheduling options make this curriculum ideal for limited timeframes, and the lessons are designed to be used in conjunction with checkpoints on the “Road to Transformation.” Also available in Spanish.

  1. Schedule Ideas
  2. Steps to Bible Translation
  3. Steps to Bible Translation in Spanish
Praying Around the World with Kate & Mack

Prayer is another word for talking with God, and it's a conversation that is really important for kids to understand. Join Kate and Mack as they talk to kids about simple ways to pray for people without the Bible, all while learning more about different cultures, countries and people. Prayer matters, and kids can make a big difference for God's kingdom by talking to him about the people he loves.

Sleeping Coconuts

Sleeping Coconuts

These lessons complement Wycliffe’s “Sleeping Coconuts” book, a true-life adventure from Papua New Guinea that tells the story of how God brings good out of adversity. Learn about Bible translation cluster projects, trauma healing and more. Inside, you’ll find coloring pages, snack ideas, crafts and games.

  1. Cluster Projects Grades 2-6
  2. Cluster Projects Grades K-1
  3. Trauma Healing
  4. Snack Option
  5. Craft Option
  6. Game Option
  7. Match Meaning Options
  8. Coloring Pages
Bright Ideas

Bright Ideas

Increase children’s awareness of what God is doing in cultures around the world through these interactive, entertaining, stand-alone lessons. Kids will learn through simulations, stories, ethnic meals, hilarious games, crafts, and age-appropriate problem solving. Some lessons available in Spanish and Korean.

  1. Preschool Lessons
  2. Elementary Lessons
  3. Teen Lessons
Travel Kate

Your kids can help Kate and Mack travel all around the world — through the mail! This simple, fun activity lets your kids mail information about themselves to friends and family around the world, asking them to help Kate travel to new and exciting places. It's great to use all year long, and kids will love seeing all the different cities, states and countries that Kate and Mack visit with their help!

Other Great Lessons

Other Great Lessons

Teach prayer by using these fun lessons that include a children’s prayer journal. (Also available in Spanish and French.) Or use these fun-fact activity sheets that highlight five areas of the world using maps, recipes and puzzles. (For both pre-readers and readers.) You can also make some of these age-appropriate recipes that supplement the popular “Wycliffe Cookbook.

  1. Children's Prayer
  2. Fun Facts
  3. NEW! Cooking Overseas 101
Service Project Lessons

Service Project Lessons

Engage children in what God is doing around the world. They’ll learn about different cultures and countries, and then use current skill sets to support Senegalese children learning to read, or color Scripture posters to send to children in Uganda and Tanzania.

  1. Mara Cluster Project
  2. Senegal Literacy project
  3. Uganda Scripture poster project
Angel Tracks

Angel Tracks

Find out more about angels through these lessons that supplement Wycliffe’s “Angel Tracks in the Snow” coloring book adventure. Lessons include an interactive story, topical study on angels, faith walk and color-by-number pictures.

  1. Faith Walk
  2. God's Power Unleashed
  3. God's Word on Angels
  4. Angel Track - Hidden Picture
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