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Wycliffe in the News

Orlando Sentinel—Jan. 20, 2019

Wycliffe Bible Translators USA hires new president and CEO

Christianity Today—Jan. 4, 2019

The gospel in every sign language: Passion raises $450K for Deaf Bible translations

Mission Network News—Dec. 27, 2018

Urbana 18 kicks off in St. Louis, Missouri

Mission Network News—Dec. 21, 2018

Ambonese Malay translators want your help

Minot Daily News—Dec. 20, 2018

Reflections: When we are bumped, what do we spill?

LancasterOnline—Oct. 13, 2018

IT specialist Keith Bitikofer felt a calling to become a missionary

The Christian Post—Sept. 30, 2018

Wycliffe Bible Translators Completes 1,000th Translation; Christians With Nothing Give Themselves to God

Christian Today—Sept. 30, 2018

Wycliffe Bible Translators reach 1,000th translation milestone

UG Christian News—Sept. 30, 2018

Largest Bible-translation organization completes 1,000th translation

One News Now—Sept. 27, 2018

Cutting-edge Bible translation campaign launched

CBN News—Sept. 20, 2018

Most Millennials believe the Bible is 'Just a book' – What this group is doing about it

Mission Frontiers—Aug. 28, 2018

The Movements of Today Rest upon the Sacrifices of Centuries Past

Mission Frontiers—Aug. 28, 2018

Bible Translation as We Approach 2025 written by Bob Creson

Mission Frontiers—Aug. 28, 2018

There’s an App for That

Mission Frontiers—Aug. 28, 2018

The Power of Prayer in Completing the Task

Mission Frontiers—Aug. 28, 2018

Heart Returns on Investment

Mission Network News—Aug. 22, 2018

#WhyBible – Stressing the significance of Scripture

Mission Network News—Aug. 13, 2018

In the heart of “Africa’s world war”, Bible translation perseveres

CBN News—July 30, 2018

'They Consider This a Very Precious Book': African Tribe Dances for Joy After Receiving Bible in Own Language

Don Kroah Show—June 19, 2018

Interview with Jon Hampshire

Mission Network News—June 6, 2018

What does it mean to feast on Scripture?

The Georgene Rice Show—June 5, 2018

Interview with Russ Hersman

Orlando Sentinel—May 8, 2018

Want to work for a great employer? Here's a start

The Christian Post—May 6, 2018

Feasting on Scripture Brings True Nourishment for the Soul

Crosswalk—May 1, 2018

Interview with Russ Hersman

Mission Catalyst—April 25, 2018

SOUTH SUDAN: “God Is Not a Foreigner Anymore”

Good News Florida—April 12, 2018

Wycliffe – A Call to Community

Mission Catalyst—April 2, 2018

GHANA: Feasting on Scripture

World Magazine—March 3, 2018

Different world, same Word

Spirit FM: Afternoon Hour with Seth Mela—Feb. 28, 2018

Interview with Kelly Chesnut

Mission Network News—Feb. 21, 2018

International Mother Language Day and the importance of Bible translation

Rave Publications—Feb. 13, 2018

Wycliffe Bible Translations Praises Visionary Solutions—Feb. 13, 2018

Wycliffe Bible Translations upgrades video systems with AV encoders and decoders from Visionary Solutions.

Mission Network News—Feb. 7, 2018

A Call to Community: A global vision of the Body of Christ

Christianity Today—Feb. 2, 2018

Kenneth Pike and the Making of Wycliffe Bible Translators and SIL International

Black Christian News Network One—Feb. 2, 2018

Kenneth Pike and the Making of Wycliffe Bible Translators and SIL International

Mission Network News—Feb. 1, 2018

Excellence in the Great Commission

The Christian Post—Jan. 21, 2018

Urbana Director: Why Following God's Calling Doesn't Just Mean a Missions Trip

Bill Bunkley Show—Jan. 18, 2018

Bill Bunkley Interview with Wycliffe Missionary Anna Mims

The Christian Post—Jan. 11, 2018

Mission Groups Warn Misunderstanding of 'Unreached' People Hampers Fulfillment of Great Commission

Patch—Jan. 10, 2018

Gordon Launches Bible Translation Initiative

One News Now—Jan. 5, 2018

Chris Winkler: Exciting Times for Bible Translation

Christianity Today—Jan. 3, 2018

‘Do Not Be Discouraged’: YouVersion Bible App Tops 300 Million Downloads—Dec. 21, 2017

Wycliffe Bible Translators Working To Reach Deaf Community With God’s Word—Dec. 21, 2017

Wycliffe Bible Translators Working to Reach Deaf Community with God's Word

CBN News—Dec. 21, 2017

No Longer Forgotten, Wycliffe Reaches Out to the Deaf with Sign Language Bible Translations

The Christian Post—Dec. 16, 2017

Rediscovering the Beatitudes in a #Blessed Culture

The Alabama Baptist—Dec. 8, 2017

All Work is Ministry No Matter Its Label, Successful Businesswoman Says

Mission Network News—Dec. 4, 2017

The Giryama: milestones and goals in Bible translation

Good Friday with Glenn Harris—Nov. 19, 2017

Interview with Russ Hersman about Wycliffe USA's 75th Anniversary

Chino Valley eNews—Nov. 12, 2017

Did You Know? Today is Bible Day

Let's Talk with Mark Elfstrand—Nov. 9, 2017

Russ Hersman shares how Wycliffe Bible Translators USA is celebrating 75 years of Bible translation.

The Bell—Nov. 8, 2017

Gordon Launches Bible Translation Initiative.—Nov. 7, 2017

Wycliffe Bible Translators Turns 75

Mission Network News—Nov. 7, 2017

Wycliffe USA celebrates 75 years of Bible translation

Mission Network News—Nov. 3, 2017

This Christmas, give the gift of the Christmas story with Wycliffe USA.

The Christian Science Monitor—Oct. 29, 2017

Luther’s legacy: How people use the Bible today, 500 years after a monk sparked the Protestant Reformation.

The Bill Bunkley Show—Oct. 11, 2017

Interview with Russ Hersman about Wycliffe's 75th Anniversary.

One News Now—Oct. 2, 2017

Bible campaign's success continues

Christianity Today—Sept. 28, 2017

So Many Languages, So Few Translations

Mission Network News—Sept. 15, 2017

illumiNations: an audacious goal for Bible translation

Charisma News—Sept. 12, 2017

Can God Change an Atheist's Heart?

The Christian Post—Sept. 1, 2017

Wycliffe USA Launches Second Annual #WhyBible International Social Media Campaign.

Williston Herald—Aug. 29, 2017

Montana couple have become missionaries.

WGTS 91.9, Washington, DC—Aug. 28, 2017

Interview with Matthew Edelen

Mission Network News—Aug. 28, 2017

Fighting Bible illiteracy with #WhyBible.

Outreach Magazine—July 10, 2017

How churches can serve the deaf community.—July 8, 2017

Businesswoman leaving it all to help people come to Christ.

The Christian Post—July 7, 2017

Why a High-Paid Businesswoman Is Leaving It All Behind to Help People Come to Christ

Mission Network News—July 4, 2017

Wycliffe and summer translation projects

Vision Christian Radio—June 7, 2017

Bible Translators Among US’s Best Employers

CBN News—June 4, 2017

Forbes Recognizes Wycliffe USA as One of the Best Places to Work

Black Christian News Network One—June 3, 2017

Bible Translation Organization, Wycliffe USA, Featured on Forbes’ 2017 List of America’s Best Midsize Employers.

One News Now—June 2, 2017

Forbes recognizes Wycliffe USA.

Mission Network News—June 1, 2017

Forbes recognizes translation ministry as good place to work.

The Bill Bunkley Show, WTBN-AM, Tampa, Florida—May 24, 2017

Interview with Andy Keener.

Mission Network News—May 18, 2017

Gospel Translation for Thai Sign Language—May 11, 2017

LifeWay And Wycliffe Bible Translators Make Forbes' List Of BEST Midsize Employers

Family Life—May 10, 2017

Inside Out: Raising Globally-Minded Christians

The Christian Post—May 10, 2017

Chick-fil-A, Wycliffe Bible Translators and Baylor Make Forbes' List of Best Midsize Employers.

The Brookings Register—May 1, 2017

Saving Languages From Extinction.

Minot Daily News—April 25, 2017

Reflections: When we are bumped, what do we spill?

Christianity Today—April 21, 2017

Together for the Gospels: Unprecedented Unity Among Bible Translators Transforms Giving.

Holland Sentinel—April 21, 2017

Serving a Mission: Lorri Scholten serves the children in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Christianity Today—April 12, 2017

How Single Women Became Unstoppable Force in Bible Translation

Good News Florida—April 3, 2017

Former President of Wycliffe Bible Translators Passes at 100

Orlando Sentinel—March 17, 2017

RE: [Conference]!/details/RE-Conference-/3214934/2017-03-17T18

Mission Network News—March 16, 2017

Significance, God’s plan, and a free devotional

Orlando Sentinel—March 10, 2017

Memorial service for former Wycliffe Bible Translators President George Cowan is Saturday

Mission Network News—March 9, 2017

Prayers make Akebu translation possible.

The Christian Post—March 3, 2017

Christians Seek Revenge After Attack but Jesus' Words Bring Forgiveness

Good News Florida—Feb. 15, 2017

2017 Women of the Word Conference

PE News—Feb. 7, 2017

Missionary Doug Haag and Faith Assembly reap a growing harvest in Togo.

The Baptist Standard—Jan. 26, 2017

North Texas woman sells all to serve in Nigeria.

Fremont Tribune—Jan. 26, 2017

Retired missionary shares memories of Papua New Guinea.

Mission Network News—Jan. 24, 2017

Women’s Conference to revitalize

One News Now—Jan. 11, 2017

Honoring a Witness for the Word

Mission Network News—Dec. 29, 2016

Honoring Commitment to God's Word.

National Religious Broadcasters—Dec. 15, 2016

Vonette Bright Honored with 2016 Scripture Impact Award—Dec. 14, 2016

A Missional Technology Hackathon

Mission Network News—Dec. 5, 2016

Christmas bicycles make eternal impact.

Lake Nona News—Nov. 31, 2016

Wycliffe Bible Translators Celebrates 75 Years – Blending Art and Science in Translation

Pharos-Tribune—Nov. 15, 2016

On a mission: Area couple teaches, coaches missionaries' kids in Philippines.

Orlando Sentinel—Nov. 9, 2016

Brian Russell, Mark Taber and Juanita Watters were appointed to the board of directors at Wycliffe Bible Translators USA, Orlando.

Orlando Sentinel—Nov. 8, 2016

Bonnie Nystrom, Fidencio Burgueno and Dan Butler were appointed to the board of directors at Wycliffe Bible Translators USA, Orlando.—Nov. 4, 2016

Andy Keener talks about Wycliffe Bible Translators work.

Orlando Business Journal—Oct. 24, 2016

Bonnie Nystrom was named a board member at Wycliffe Bible Translators.

Orlando Business Journal—Oct. 24, 2016

Brian Russell is joining Wycliffe Bible Translators' board of directors.

Orlando Business Journal—Oct. 24, 2016

Dr. Juanita Watters was named a board member of Wycliffe Bible Translators.

Orlando Business Journal—Oct. 24, 2016

Dan Butler was named a board member at Wycliffe Bible Translators.

Orlando Business Journal—Oct. 24, 2016

Mark Taber was named a board member at Wycliffe Bible Translators.

Orlando Business Journal—Oct. 24, 2016

Fidencio Burgueno joined Wycliffe Bible Translators' board of directors.

Hello Christian—Oct. 20, 2016

Wycliffe USA celebrates 29 newly completed translations.

State of Globe—Oct. 19, 2016

Wycliffe USA celebrates 29 newly completed translations.

Mission Network News—Oct. 19, 2016

Wycliffe USA celebrates 29 newly completed translations.

OnePlace—Oct. 12, 2016

Adam Miller interviews Jaime and Maria Ayala of Wycliffe, Lima Peru.

Mission Network News—Sept. 29, 2016

Serving at Wycliffe USA

Mission Network News—Sept. 23, 2016

Missionary Snapshot at Wycliffe USA

The Bill Bunkley Show—Sept. 21, 2016

Derwin and Wendy Penson share their experience serving with Wycliffe USA.

Christian News Wire—Sept. 19, 2016

Bible Translation Technologists Improve Speed and Quality by Collaberation

ChurchMag—Sept. 12, 2016

#WhyBible: Wycliffe Bible Translators USA Starts a Conversation

National Religious Broadcasters—Sept. 8, 2016

Wycliffe USA launches #WhyBible Campaign to Spark Conversations

Mission Network News—Sept. 8, 2016

Lubwisi New Testament

Good News Florida—Sept. 7, 2016

Let the world know why the Bible matters to you. #WhyBible

Black Christian News Network One—Sept. 6, 2016

Wycliffe Bible Translators launch new #WhyBible app campaign to reach millennial Christians.

The Christian Times—Sept. 5, 2016

#WhyBible campaign highlights Bible's relevance in today's world.

CBN—Sept. 5, 2016

#WhyBible: New Campaign to Reach Millennial Christians

Crossmap—Sept. 2, 2016

Wycliffe Bible Translators launch #WhyBible campaign to show millennials why the Bible still matters.

IGTunes—Sept. 2, 2016

Wycliffe launches #WhyBible campaign.

The Christian Post—Sept. 2, 2016

Wycliffe Bible Translators launch #WhyBible campaign to show millennials why the Bible still matters.

Osprey Observer—Aug. 29, 2016

Wycliffe USA Connects Millennials to the Bible

Christian Index—Aug. 29, 2016

#WhyBible Encouraging Others to Tell Scripture Stories

Orlando Sentinel—Aug. 26, 2016

Josh Heidelman was appointed chief legal officer at Wycliffe Bible Translators USA, Orlando.

K-Love Radio—Aug. 21, 2016

Wycliffe partners with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship to sponsor a Global Mission Hackathon.

Mission Network News—Aug. 15, 2016

Children learn a mission mindset through VBS.

Orlando Weekly—Aug. 11, 2016

Wycliffe hosts Global Leadership Summit

Lake Nona News—July 31, 2016

It’s a Jungle Out There – Literally for Wycliffe Missionaries, Barry & Karen Keagy

CCM Magazine—July 21, 2016

#WhyBible campaign to begin this September

.Bible—July 5, 2016

Use hashtag #WhyBible to discuss why the Bible is relevant to modern life.

One News Now—May 14, 2016

A Day to Reach Out to the Unreached

Christian Post—May 13, 2016

What would your life be like without Jesus Christ? 2 billion people waiting to hear gospel

GraceNet with Dr. Jerry Newcombe—May 12, 2016

Tim Born serves Wycliffe Bible Translators, supporting May 15, 2016 the “International Day of the Unreached.”

Point of View with Kerby Anderson—May 12, 2016

Hear from Tim Born with Wycliffe Bible Translators and Steve Johnson, executive director of communications for Reach Beyond about International Day for the Unreached.” " target="_blank">

Mission Network News—May 10, 2016

International Day for the Unreached

Meetinghouse with Bob Crittenden, Faith Radio—May 10, 2016

Wycliffe Bible Translators: International Day For the Unreached

Standard Newswire—May 10, 2016

International Day for the Unreached event May 15 spurs online interest, live broadcasting

The Dove Radio—May 5, 2016

Tim Born talks about about Wycliffe's particpation in the International Day for the Unreached

In the Market with Janet Parshall, Moody Radio—May 4, 2016

Janet interviews Tim Born about Wycliffe's particpation in the International Day for the Unreached

GraceNet with Dr. Jerry Newcombe—April 28, 2016

Vocal Point-Pat Miersma talks about trauma healing in Bible translation

Mission Network News—April 19, 2016

Trauma healing: a new missions focus

Mission Network News—March 10, 2016

JESUS film tops 1,400 translations

Mission Network News—March 4, 2016

Changing the world without leaving home

Green Valley News—Feb. 20, 2016

Our Stories: Young Wycliffe missionary on the move

PE News—Feb. 16, 2016

Flying, cycling, and translating ... so all can hear

Central Florida Lifestyle Magazine—Feb. 1, 2016

A lifetime together - the Clarks

The Baltimore Times—Jan. 29, 2016

Couple relies on faith in adopting children

Mission Network News—Jan. 15, 2016

A place for you in Bible translation

Mission Network News—Dec. 23, 2015

Lawyer turned Bible general counsel

Mission Network News—Nov. 30, 2015

Churches can help translate the Bible

Orlando Sentinel—Nov. 23, 2015

Who is climbing Central Florida's career ladder?

Mission Network News—Nov. 19, 2015

God's Word comes alive for the Corongo Quechua


Goshen News—Nov. 6, 2015

Illness changes path in ministry

Bethel—Oct. 23, 2015

Trekking, teamwork and translation: Wycliffe’s Race to 2025

Orlando Business Journal—Oct. 15, 2015

Scott Everhart recognition plaque

The Elkhart Truth—Oct. 11, 2015

About town: Rachelle Telsworth loses dream of working abroad for Wycliffe Bible Translators, but she doesn't lose her faith

Mission Network News—Oct. 9, 2015

A party for every tongue, tribe and nation

The Kevin Miller Show—Oct. 5, 2015

Interview with Wycliffe USA President/CEO Bob Creson

Mission Network News—Sept. 29, 2015

Celebrate Bible Translation Day from home

Heritage of Truth—Sept. 26, 2015

Kristie Frieze: The importance of Bible translation

Vocal Point—Sept. 24, 2015

President Bob Creson joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss 16 new languages that now have the Word of God and the progress and challenges of Bible translation.

Mission Network News—Aug. 11, 2015

Willing to sell everything and trust God

Mission Network News—Aug. 3, 2015

Any Christian can help with Bible translation

Moody Radio—July 21, 2015

Kristie Frieze’s interview with Kate Bruington re: Around the World with Kate & Mack: A look at languages from A to Z

The Meetinghouse—July 13, 2015

Kristie Frieze’s interview with Bob Crittendon

Mission News Network—July 8, 2015

Hunger for Gospel spreading in Kenya

The Union—July 3, 2015

On a mission

Austin Hill in the Morning—June 22, 2015

Interview with Wycliffe’s Bob Creson re: Kuna/Panama Bible Translation’>

Tallahassee Democrat—June 19, 2015

Making clear the ‘Word of the Lord’

Mission News Network—June 5, 2015

Cooperation speeds Bible translation

Moody Global Ministries—June 1, 2015

Wycliffe presents first edition of Kuna Bible to Moody

WJLU Radio—May 15, 2015

Interview with Wycliffe cyclists Dan & Doug

The Bill Bunkley Show —May 12, 2015

Spoke N’ Word cycling challenge for Wycliffe Bible Translators

Mission News Network—May 11, 2015

Bible translation project coming to a satisfying close

Anglican Communion News Service—May 11, 2015

Canada: Bible translation workshop focuses on First Nations languages

Aleteia—April 23, 2015

Many of the world’s languages still don’t have a Bible

Vocal Point—April 16, 2015

Dr. Jerry Newcombe interviews Doug Haag about the Spoke N' Word 24-hour cycling challenge

The Christian Post—April 14, 2015

Bible not available in 57% of world languages; most Americans believe the Bible is available in every language

Mission Network News—April 14, 2015

Pray for the Bibleless, and watch God work

Fundraising Success—April 14, 2015

Wycliffe Bible Translators honored by GuideStar for Gold level transparency

The Garden Island—April 10, 2015

‘Da Jesus Book — Hawaiian Pidgin New Testament’

KGNW Live From Seattle—March 30, 2015

Interview with Kristie Frieze

Mission Network News—March 26, 2015

Mobile Member Care Team: A ministry to missionaries

Christian Broadcast Network—March 20, 2015

Digital revolution eradicating Bible poverty worldwide

Mission Network News—March 16, 2015

Literacy program in Ethiopia helps women

Moody Radio—March 9, 2015

This is the Day: Bob Creson

Mission Network News—March 5, 2015

Choctaw translation project eagerly anticipated

Kokomo Herald—Feb. 26, 2015

Bauson helps give voice to the Bible

Tahlequah Daily Press—Feb. 25, 2015

Wycliffe Bible Translators, JAARS hold event at Go Ye

Mission Network News—Feb. 20, 2015

Creative support for Bible translation

Iowa Public Radio—Feb. 19, 2015

A couple on a mission to Papua New Guinea

Mission Network News—Feb. 17, 2015

Dale Kietzman: an unsung hero

Mission Network News—Jan. 28, 2015

Life of Bible translator may resemble Indiana Jones

Orlando Business Journal—Jan. 21, 2015

Chris Winkler recognition plaque

Ames Tribune—Jan. 10, 2015

Ames native Woeste to translate Bibles in Papua New Guinea

The Des Moines Register—Jan. 8, 2015

Des Moines couple returns to Papua New Guinea

Bible News Radio - Blog Talk Radio—Jan. 1, 2015

Wycliffe Bible Translators introduces Kate and Mack in Around the World

The Washington Times—Dec. 11, 2014

The Bible and written literacy

The Washington Times—Dec. 11, 2014

The Bible and written literacy

Craven Herald & Pioneer—Dec. 8, 2014

Couple present new Bible translation to Skipton church

South Charlotte News—Dec. 6, 2014

His calling led him to be a Bible translator

The Dove Radio—Nov. 26, 2014

The Scripture translation movement

Mission Network News—Nov. 21, 2014

Bible translation hits a bump in the road

Point of View with Kerby Anderson—Nov. 19, 2014

Interview with Bob Creson

Austin Hill in the Morning, Faith Radio—Nov. 14, 2014

Interview with Bob Creson

Mission Network News—Nov. 13, 2014

The Amish need Scripture, too

The Christian Post—Nov. 11, 2014

Wycliffe reports 5.8 billion people now have access to Bible

Mission Network News—Nov. 3, 2014

Finger puppets introduce kids to Christ

i4 Business Magazine—Oct. 29, 2014

Four lessons businesses can learn from Bible translation

Minnesota Christian Broadcasters—Oct. 27, 2014

Completing the Bible translation task

Orlando Business Journal—Oct. 14, 2014

Vicky Mixson recognition plaque

LifeTalk Radio—Oct. 9, 2014

Bob Creson on LifeQuest with Dwight Lenhoff

The Oklahoman—Oct. 9, 2014

One download at a time

YouVersion—Oct. 9, 2014

2014 Scripture Impact Award goes to pastor

Mission Network News—Oct. 8, 2014

Reaching the Deaf for Christ: part two

Mission Network News—Oct. 7, 2014

Reaching the Deaf for Christ: part one

YouVersion—Oct. 6, 2014

And the 1,000th Bible version is…

CBN News—Oct. 5, 2014

Wycliffe: Great Commission ‘finish line’ in sight

One News Now—Oct. 2, 2014

Bible translated into 19 more languages, says Wycliffe

LifeQuest with Dwight Lenhoff—Oct. 2, 2014

Bob Creson’s book “The Finish Line” full of stories of hope through Bible translation

GraceNet with Dr. Jerry Newcombe—Oct. 2, 2014

Vocal Point – Bob Creson discusses new book, “The Finish Line.”

One News Now—Sept. 30, 2014

It’s ‘Bible Translation Day’ today

Songtime with Adam Miller—Sept. 22, 2014

Becky Melville interview with Adam Miller

Yarmouth Register—Sept. 21, 2014

Yarmouth woman works as missionary in Romania

Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk—Sept. 19, 2014

Changing the world a Bible at a time

Liberty University—Sept. 17, 2014

Ministry leaders challenge students to end global Bible poverty

Songtime with Adam Miller—Sept. 10, 2014

Interview with Courtney Davis

Mission Network News—Aug. 29, 2014

Bible translation changes and grows

Indiana Daily Journal—Aug. 1, 2014

Man overcomes addiction, plans missionary journey to share faith

Bennington Banner—July 19, 2014

Maritime missioners make inland visit

The Spencer Daily Reporter—July 14, 2014

The other side of the postcard

KILR-AM 1070 Radio—July 10, 2014

Interview with Courtney Davis

Elkin Tribune—July 10, 2014

Nepal mission trip brings joy for local couple

Daytona Beach News-Journal - July 4, 2014

Palm Coast couple prepares for trip to New Guinea

Orlando Sentinel - July 2, 2014

Lindsay Olesberg joins Wycliffe board,0,1396813.story?track=rss

Florida Times-Union - June 28, 2014

Palm Coast couple embark on Bible ministry in Pacific island chain

Lima News - June 26, 2014

A new path

The Laker/Lutz News - June 26, 2014

Trip to Thailand yields insights for Lutz College student

Mission Network News - June 25, 2014

Do donations make a difference?

The Laker/Lutz News—June 25, 2014

Trip to Thailand yields insights for Lutz College student

Liberty News - June 19, 2014

Laptops donated overseas to equip Bible translators

Palm Coast Observer - June 17, 2014

Couple prepares to serve in Papua New Guinea

WMBW-FM, Moody Radio—June 12, 2014

Interview with Hunter Rasmussen

Ledger-Enquirer - June 7, 2014

Missionary family sells all Pine Mountain possessions before heading to New Guinea

The Abaconian—May 30, 2014

Couple to traverse open ocean in Papua New Guinea for mission work

The Bill Bunkley Show, WTBN-AM—May 13, 2014

Couple serves with Wycliffe in Central Africa

KFXL Fox Nebraska—May 13, 2014

Faith Comes By Hearing now has Scripture recordings in 817 languages; access through Digital Bible Platform

The Christian Post—May 9, 2014

Mother’s Day: Christian charities offer alternative gift-giving ideas in honor of moms, benefiting the world’s poor

Azusa Pacific University—May 2, 2014

Retiring to adventure

Mission Network News—April 29, 2014

Ukraine to challenge Russia over Crimea

Mission Network News—April 10, 2014

Political changes affecting Bible Translation—March 26, 2014

Faye Edgerton gave God’s Word to the Navajo

Mission Network News—March 24, 2014

Divine logic is hard to trust, much less understand

Montrose Press—March 19, 2014

Montrose Bible Project raises half of goal

GO-TV, ABC-7—Feb. 17, 2014

Faith Comes By Hearing now has Scripture recordings in 787 languages

Mission Network News—Jan. 31, 2014

Crossing the Finish Line

Designer Children—Jan. 20, 2014

Liberty University offers Wycliffe scholarships

Mission Network News—Jan. 16, 2014

Wycliffe counts its Christmas blessings

CBN News—Jan. 10, 2014

Church donates record $1M for Bible translations

Indianapolis Star—Jan. 9, 2014

Church gives $1M for Bible translations

Charisma News—Dec. 12, 2013

Bible translator shot dead in Central African Republic

Mission Network News—Dec. 10, 2013

Violent weekend in the Central African Republic

Charisma News—Nov. 26, 2013

Vision 2025 seeks to realize centuries-old prophesy

Mission Network News—Nov. 26, 2013

A goal set for 2025 echoes prophesies from centuries past

Mission Network News—Nov. 19, 2013

Wycliffe making progress on Scripture translations

Charisma News—Nov. 15, 2013

Bible translator anticipates reaching every tongue, every nation by 2025

Mission Network News—Nov. 11, 2013

Partners worldwide unite in prayer today

Mission Network News—Nov. 5, 2013

A hunger for Scripture leads to new projects

Mission Network News—Oct. 11, 2013

You don’t have to be a translator to work in Bible translation

Mission Network News—Sept. 17, 2013

Wycliffe honors Evans for promoting and supporting Scripture engagement

Moody Radio Interview—Sept. 9, 2013

Jim Roberts—Bible translation in the Americas

Mission Network News—Aug. 29, 2013

Partnership adds fun to the call to missions

Mission Network News—July 29, 2013

YouVersion Bible App reaches 100 million downloads

Mission Network News—July 26, 2013

Extreme biking for Bible translation

The Ledger—June 15, 2013

Bicyclists start 2,745-mile fundraising ride

Charisma News—June 13, 2013

After controversy, AG World Missions continue Wycliffe translation partnership

The Good Life (TV 45)—May 27, 2013

Interview with Barbara Trudell—Wycliffe and literacy

Christian Post—Apr. 10, 2013

Wycliffe’s Columbia Bible Translation Project to get financial boost From Expolit ‘13

Christian Post—Feb. 5, 2013

Wycliffe CEO explains importance of "unconditional love" in Bible translation

Charisma News—Jan. 25, 2013

How understanding God’s love can change a culture

WFLA—Channel 8 (NBC)—Jan. 14, 2013

Seminole missionaries look ahead after tsunami

CBN (The Christian Broadcasting Network)—Dec. 14, 2012

Chiang Mai a gateway for modern missions

Protestante Digital—Dec. 12, 2012

From the confusion of Babel to the Bible in every language and nation

CBN (The Christian Broadcasting Network)—Dec. 11, 2012

Wycliffe reaches milestone in Bible translations

Charisma News—Dec. 7, 2012

Is the end near? Wycliffe reports 2,000-plus Bible translation projects underway

Orlando Business Journal—Dec. 7, 2012

Wycliffe Bible Translators named Top Central Florida Charity

Noticia Cristiana—Dec. 7, 2012

Bible translations increased dramatically

Continental News—Dec. 6, 2012

Wycliffe reports dramatic progress in Bible translation

Christian Post—Dec. 6, 2012

Wycliffe reports dramatic increase in Bible translations around the world

Focus on the Family—radio broadcast (interview starts at 1:07)—Dec. 5, 2012 

Wycliffe setting translating records

World Magazine—Dec. 5, 2012

Wycliffe announced new statistics

MNN (Mission Network News)—Dec. 4, 2012

Pending projects drop below 2,000 for the first time

NRB (National Religious Broadcasters)—Dec. 4, 2012

Eight NRB members make Forbes list of Top 100 U.S. Charities

Christian Post—Nov. 29, 2012

Missionaries quintuplets gaining strength, one more remains at hospital

Orlando Business Journal—Nov. 29, 2012

Forbes: Wycliffe Bible Translators ranks 70th largest U.S. charity

CNN Religion Blog—Nov. 17, 2012

Rebuilding your life and faith after the storm

FOX News (Video)—Nov. 16, 2012

Missionary family brave tsunami to help community

Orlando Business Journal—Nov. 9, 2012

Wycliffe board appoints Bob Creson as President/CEO for fourth three-year term; Russ Hersman named Chief Operations Officer