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Summer 2014

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  • August 22, 2014

The Brazilian mission “Missão Evangélica Caiuá” held a weeklong Bible conference for Kaiwá and Guarani church leaders. Loraine Bridgeman, a Wycliffe linguist-anthropologist, led an anthropological awareness session to help the Kaiwá become more aware of their own culture and how the Christian faith relates to it.

During the session, a group of Kaiwá church leaders made a list of all the character traits the Kaiwá people value most.

The list began with, “A well-respected and honored Kaiwá person displays humility, self-control and meekness. He or she should not be easily angered.”

After hearing the list, Loraine asked the group of church leaders a question. “Do you know someone that demonstrates all these traits?”

The team thought awhile, but they were having a difficult time thinking of anyone with all the traits they’d just listed.

And then the light dawned.

“Jesus is the perfect Kaiwá!”