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Summer 2014

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Your Role in Bible Translation

  • August 22, 2014

We hope that as you read through this issue, you’ll see a theme—that each of these projects is moving forward by God’s design and perfect plan. And you’ve been a part of that.

In South Asia, gifts to the Worldwide Projects Fund are helping implement a God-sized plan by quadrupling the number of language communities served in a largely unreached country. Would you join us in praying for the efforts there?

God uses many types of gifts to support the work of Bible translation. We’ve had donors give creatively from what God has blessed them with, donating items such as jewelry, crops, investments, land, vehicles. Every gift means more people with access to Scripture, and we are grateful for each one received.

By providing translated Scripture in the language and form people understand best, you are giving them direct access to God and His Word. That changes a person’s worldview—how they see themselves, how they relate to God, and how they interact with those around them. Below you’ll read an example of how translated Scripture helps people better understand who God is, realizing that He knows their language and can speak to them through it.

Translation, literacy, and Scripture use programs are in progress in the African country of Tanzania, and we’re hearing encouraging reports on their impact. Beginning in August, a special matching gift opportunity will double the impact of any gift to the project, up to $50,000. Would you consider taking part and inviting your friends and family to do the same? You’ll receive a more detailed letter in the next few weeks, or you can visit to learn more.

Thank you for your partnership. As these pages illustrate, it is making a difference in furthering God’s kingdom!


Bob Creson 
Wycliffe Bible Translators USA